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Jan 2
Be Compelling - Be Great

Two thoughts have been very much in my mind the past 2 weeks: What to do for the New Year resolution and what Steve Martin said in a recent interview.

  1. The Resolution: Be Industrious!
  2. Steve Martin on success

The resolution I started to write about yesterday. I was tempted to go on and on but I decided to leave it more open. I'm still not sure why the term "Industrious" came with such intensity but it did. I have not been able to think of anything that I felt better about. I think it comes from a frustration that I feel that I have been productive, or at least busy most days, and yet I do not feel I accomplished much. 

I published my first book, I wrote many business plans, I consulted a bit. None of these things however really changed my life or bank balance. That last point I believe is the key. While I was getting things done, they had little impact on my ability to provide for my family. I therefore resolve to try to look at projects with the idea that they should have, at some point, a positive impact on my earnings or they need to wait for things that do. This applies only to the "working hours" of the day. I am a big believer in family time, personal time, and work time.

The thoughts on success were stimulated by an article at 37Signals that talks about self-promotion. I saw a part of the interview with Steve Martin but since Charlie Rose puts me to sleep I did not see the end. Thanks to Seth Godin's blog on self-promotion I was provided the best part through the link to 37Signals. What Mr. Martin said, and it is terribly profound is that in order to be successful, you need to be, "undeniably good." This is not easy, and I, like the vast majority of people, am still searching for what I am undeniably good at. I am open to suggestions by the way.

Along this line of thinking - being successful, one of my favorite bloggers, Chris Garrett, posted today: Becoming Compelling. There he gives some very good advice about choosing between good-enough and great. Unfortunately for all of us the choice is not always clear. On top of that, the path we choose is usually not easy. Still, we all know that in the end we have to find that path or continue to slog along some other path. Any other path will probably be less enjoyable and less personally rewarding.

What is your path?

What would you suggest for me? (I have some ideas but none seems to be overwhelming at the moment.)



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