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When is Enough Enough? - Follow Through

In recent posts, the idea of working with the "Devil you know" was mentioned. It can be the best course of action to try to improve or work with an employee or supplier to help them change. Seth Godin suggests that if we are too quick to fire someone it may result in poor working conditions. However, at some point if the person or company is unwilling to change it is essential that a message be sent to others by terminating the relationship with the uncooperative partner.

In today's OC Register, (do we need to spell out OC anymore?) Blythe Bernhard reports that the State of California has once again found lead tainted candies from Mexico on sale. Because this article may require registration, I have copied the most important part here:

Barrilito is a thick brown syrup packaged in a 3-inch glass jar with a yellow label and attached spoon. Miguelito is an orange powder containing salt and sugar in a clear 2-inch blue and white packet.

The candies should be thrown out. Pregnant women and parents whose children ate the candies should ask their doctor about testing. To report the sale of these candies, call 800-495-3232. 

Bernhard also noted that this is the third time so far this year that such candies have been found. This is nearly 4 years after the OC Register first broke the story and 2 years after an agreement with the manufacturers in Mexico to cease using lead tainted materials in their packaging for foods bound for the US.  It appears it is perfectly legal in Mexico to use such materials.

My guess is that the same candies are for sale in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. If you have concerns, you should demand action by your state officials. 

Leadership is not just looking across the broad horizon and working towards a grand vision. True leaders also take care of those who will help them achieve that vision. Is it any wonder that people from impoverished countries try to get into the US any way they can? When the leaders of those countries do not provide for the protection of their citizens what hope do the people have of a better life?

Update on toy testing from my anonymous contributor: You cannot use a Mass Specrometer but an x-ray fluoroscope and the professionals who operate them (home inspection types) will do. The fluoroscopes don't burn holes in the toys. 

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Seth Godin was talking about follow-through in relation to customer service. Nice job attaching traffic you didn't earn from a legitimate article though.

He was not just talking about customer service if you read the whole post. He also talked about not being quick to fire people. My comments are about the second part. Also, I believe Seth moderates his trackbacks, if he thought I was just linking for no good reason he would not have allowed it.


I believe you legitimately trackbacked to Seth's blog. His post goes beyond customer service to following through on everything we do, if we are to avoid mediocrity.

Amen, Lewis. Nice post, Roger!

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