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40 hours in 3 days - Starting a new business

Guy Kawasaki's pictorial review of the TREK bicycle works in Waterloo, Wisconsin reminded me of the hectic days, in 1995, when I participated in the early buildup of Ciphergen in Palo Alto. Whenever we needed some electrical parts in a hurry, we would run over to Fry's in Palo Alto. If you know Fry's Electronics (not the supermarkets), they each have a theme. This one was in an old warehouse. Given that it was in Silicon Valley it was always busy and buzzing. There is even a Wiki about the company that says the Palo Alto store is the oldest operating location. It was a zoo the day Windows 95 came out. They had to have a special line for it so that everyone else could buy other things.

40 hours in 3 Days

A friend of mine and I both lived in Southern California were asked to help out up north in Palo Alto. Since we each had our own plans for a company, we needed a "day-job" to pay the bills. We would board a 6 AM plane at the Burbank airport and get to the office around 8:30. We then worked 40 hours in 3 days and flew home on Thursday night. There was no overtime, we just needed to get back to spend 3 days on our own projects and hopefully have Sunday to rest and do it again.

These are the kind of things that make entrepreneurship so special. You could not work like that for years but a 6 month burst can be done. It is also a bit easier to have a means of paying the bills while you build up to revenue. It also helps by keeping you in the loop as far as industry happenings and connection.

I probably could not do that now, but then again, if the right exciting opportunity came along, I know I would try. 

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