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Focus on What You Know

What do eMom (Wendy Piersall) and Seth Godin have in common? Server troubles.
People have asked me why I decided to have my blog with KnowMoreMedia instead of using Wordpress, Blogger, or some other service in conjunction with my own domain.
Here are my reasons:
1)    I did not want to worry about how to do things - software, hardware, or maintenance
2)    I know how to set these things up but I am not an expert nor do I want to learn to be
3)    I trust them - I know them - I am very comfortable with them
4)    Instant access to assistance whenever I need it.
5)    Demonstrated reliability

If you are a business owner looking to increase the number of customers you have, which of these 5 expectations can you meet for your customers.
Do they know this? Just in case, tell them again.

If you are a business owner who is not looking to increase the number of customers you have - why not?

Great Maps are still being sought to be included in the Great Maps collection over on the book website. You can signup to become an author or just email me the details and I will see that it is properly posted and linked back to you.

The time to vote for the Modern Magellans Manifesto is running out - June 21st is the deadline. Please visit and cast your vote. The MMManifesto needs 9 more votes to move it into the top 10.

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Wow. Digg. Server issues. Now a side by side mention with Seth Godin - forget the bandwidth problems - my EGO is going to be the problem soon with posts like this! ;)

PS - Thanks!!!

Wendy, it's worse than that. You were named first!

I hope you find a place that can support your fantastic web presence. You deserve it. You have great material, a very important audience, and a strong drive to deliver. I enjoy reading your material when I can.

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