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An Awesome Map - Death and Taxes

While he missed a chance to show how it can be applied to our own businesses, my thanks to Guy Kawasaki for pointing this map out on his blog. I just think this clearly represents the point I am trying to make when I say Modern Magellans need good maps. Jess Bachman is a great mapmaker.

As you may know, I love maps. I like to make maps and I love to look at them. (I like maps more than I like making 5 points lists!) Here is an extreme, but nonetheless a fantastic, example of how you can make a lot of information available in a compact space. The Death and Taxes Map - Where Your Federal Dollars Go. The use of size, images, and connectors is wonderful. I will definitely add this as a link in my collection.

For some people this might be too much information. It does take a little bit of time to begin to appreciate the amount of work and skill that is represented here. It may take a little more time to grasp the magnitude of the value, but it should take almost no time to recognize where the bulk of your money goes.

Can you imagine doing this for your budget allocations?

What would you see that you might not have otherwise noticed? 

Great Maps are still being sought to be included in the Great Maps collection over on the book website. You can signup to become an author or just email me the details and I will see that it is properly posted and linked back to you.

The time to vote for the Modern Magellans Manifesto is running out - June 21st is the deadline. Please visit and cast your vote. The MMManifesto needs 9 more votes to move it into the top 10.

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