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Fun Scientific Facts - What are you carrying around?

Seth Godin wrote a post about old sushi being repulsive. It made me think about the fact that we have trillions of cells that constitute our bodies and added to that we carry around with us 100 trillion bacteria! (From the fantastic Eye of Science website.)Yet, we don't die from most all of them. In fact, if we did get rid of all of them, then we would die! So, is a sushi that is not absolutely fresh the worst thing to encounter? No, but I would not eat it over fresh that is for sure. The whole deal with bacteria is this - keep the bad ones on the outside and you are usually just fine. 

Our first line of defense is actually a layer of bacteria on our skin. So, be careful about how much you use anti-bacterial soaps. You are potentially killing off your best friend. There are some who take this too far and never wash. This is also not good. The over use of anti-biotics and the increasingly antiseptic society that we live in is putting us increasingly at risk of a serious disease outbreak. Balance is the key. Too much of anything is rarely if ever a good thing.

If you would like to know more about this - and you should. Visit the website of the very entertaining and informative Marcelo Tolmasky, PhD Professor of Biological Sciences at Cal State Fullerton.

BTW - I'm not a sushi fan so day-old or week-old really has no affect on me.

I wonder what Seth thinks of the conveyor-sushi? Has he considered the bento-box lunches made in the morning and delivered all over Tokyo at lunchtime?

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